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No. 40
670m Mini Spool
Metallic Wrapped Rayon

Glisten has a specialized finish applied to its surface in order to make it extra soft, and more resistant to abrasion. 
The amount of kink is eliminated to dramatically reduce the potential for thread breaks and poor stitch quality. 
Glisten is a metallic wrapped-rayon, providing the perfect shimmer for your application.  

Never used Glisten before?  Here are some tips for success!

  • Slow the machine speed down when embroidering with Glisten. Sews well up to 850 rpm.
  • Avoid using Glisten for small lettering.
  • Use soft and pliable backings. Metallic threads typically have a difficult time getting through hard or stiff backings.
  • Use needles with a large eye in order for the thread to pass through the needle eye easily. Sizes such as 65/9, 70/10, and 75/11 are generally recommended.
  • Use new needles when possible. Burrs or rough spots on the needle will result in more thread breaks.
  • Reduce and keep tensions loose.

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